Internal inquiry finds FUSG funds overestimated by $6,000


The amount in Franciscan University Student Government’s already tight contingency fund has shrunk further after it was discovered money that belongs to specific clubs was being included in the contingency’s total. 

Treasurer Kelsey Scott-Avery said, during Student Government’s Oct. 16 meeting, that the contingency fund, from which Student Government allocates funding for clubs, was believed to be sitting at $16,000. However, she said an internal inquiry discovered that being counted in that number was roughly $6,000 that belonged in subaccounts to different clubs. This brought the total amount in usable contingency funds to roughly $10,000. 

Scott-Avery’s announcement sparked concern among some members of Student Government. 

President Derek Markle told the Senate that $10,000 was not much money, especially considering how much money the body had burned through the previous academic year.  

“If I deem that the Senate’s spending is improper, I will use my veto,” Markle said. 

Sen. Patrick Bouchard, finance committee chair, also urged his fellow senators to be frugal with the allocations for which their clubs ask. 

While Markle did say that if a club doesn’t use its funds during the period for which they are allocated, they will return to the contingency fund for free use, he also said the Senate should not count on that kickback and remain conscientious of the bills it puts forward. 

No bills were presented at the meeting. 

Student Government will next meet Oct. 23 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.