International News: Argentine soldiers suffer torture, Egypt flooding tunnels used by Palestenian military, Japan votes on military fighting


Argentine soldiers suffer torture at the hands of their own side in 1982 Falklands War

In a conflict known as the 1982 Falklands War against Britain, numerous Argentine soldiers testified that they experienced abuse and torture by their own military superiors, according to the BBC. The first official documents from the war finally became public and contained testimonies describing mock executions, severe beatings for leaving the trenches in search for food and lack of proper apparel. Most Argentines claim the Falkland Islands for their country though in 2013 Falkland residents voted to maintain the status of British territory.

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Egypt flooding tunnels used by Palestinian militants to reach Gaza

In an effort to create a buffer zone, the Egyptian military began flooding tunnels under the country used by Palestinian militants and smugglers to go under the border into Gaza, reported the BBC. The tunnels appear in the Sinai Peninsula and play a vital role in Gaza’s economy because of the blockade imposed by Egypt and Israel since 2007. Gaza is a part of Palestine with the same Islamic Hamas rulers but is disconnected from the rest of Palestinian territory.

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Japan votes to allow military fighting overseas

A new law allows Japan to fight overseas in conflicts of self-defense though citizens have differing opinions on the issue. At the end of World War II about 70 years ago, Japan’s constitution banned the use of force in international conflicts except in self-defense. The new law would allow for more military involvement when certain criteria are met. The changes merely re-interpret the constitution and do not require any formally rewritten law. However, the BBC reports that Japanese protesters feel the changes could lead them into unnecessary wars because of allies.

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