International News Briefs: Thousands begin to move north in European migrant crisis, Ebola death in Sierra Leone leads to quarantine, North Korea becomes bigger threat to Western culture


Thousands begin to move north in European migrant crisis

Fleeing oppression and violence in Syria and other countries of the Middle East, thousands of migrants have begun to make the strenuous journey north into Europe. Without clear regulations from the European Union, Hungary wants to force the migrants to register for asylum. However, most migrants want to reach freedom in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel happily welcomes them. Around 1,000 migrants marched from Budapest station toward Austria after Hungarian officials refused to let them on the trains. According to the BBC, more than 350,000 migrants have already crossed into the European Union this year alone.

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Ebola death in Sierra Leone leads to quarantine

After the worldwide Ebola outbreak earlier this year, the infectious disease seemed to decline in its prevalence. Recently, a Sierra Leone village was placed under quarantine after a 67-year-old woman who tested positive for Ebola died. The BBC said that the quarantine of 1,000 individuals will last for three weeks as long as no new cases occur. The quarantine and a vaccination program for individuals who were in contact with the woman have been implemented in hopes of weakening the disease’s dispersal. Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone continue to struggle with the containment of Ebola.

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North Korea becomes bigger threat to Western culture

War threats and attempts to mock Western culture continue to come from North Korea in its ongoing fight with South Korea. Last year’s cyberattack on Sony Pictures and a 2010 attack on a South Korean naval corvette, killing 46 sailors, both went without penalty for the country. China continues its unrestricted trade with North Korea, despite the U.N. sanctions that are supposed to prevent the activity.

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