International News Briefs: US warplanes attack IS, EU summit, Germans protest migrants





US warplanes attack Islamic State in Libya

Warplanes from the U.S. carried out attacks against the Islamic State in Sabratha, Libya, according to the BBC. The attacks took place last week in an attempt to kill Noureddine Chouchane, a senior Tunisian extremist who has been connected with attacks that led to the death of 30 Britons. He has also helped move Islamic State fighters across the Tunisia-Libya border. The group targeted has been active in Libya for over a year and is estimated to have up to 6,000 members. The mayor of Sabratha puts the death toll at 41, most of whom were Tunisians.

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EU summit highlights tensions

The European Union’s tensions were highlighted at the summit held in Brussels last week. Especially pressing issues included the possibility of Britain leaving the organization as well as the migrant crisis taking place all over Europe, said Fox News. Over 1 million people have migrated to Europe from less wealthy areas, putting strain on European economies that were still struggling from an economic crisis. Some countries have tightened border control and built fences, while others like Austria are limiting the number of migrants allowed inside the country. Britain has been taking measures to ensure that no migrants are able to take advantage of the country’s welfare system. Other countries experiencing troubles are Italy and Greece.

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Germans protest migrants

A group of German protesters surrounded a bus of migrants Feb. 18 in an attempt to prevent them from entering their village, according to the BBC. The protesters chanted “We are the people,” a slogan that has been used in many protests throughout the history of Germany. Germany’s state interior minister has condemned the action, calling it “deeply shameful.” Around 100 people as well as three vehicles were used to block the entrance of the migrants. The protest started at around 7:20 p.m. and went on until 10 p.m., at which time the migrants were able to enter the shelter. Thirty police officers were present at the incident and are currently under fire for apparent rough handling of the migrants.

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