International news: ISIS’ Yemeni terror attacks, attack on Tunisian museum, North Korea’s nuclear weapons


ISIS claims responsibility for Yemeni terror attacks

ISIS has taken responsibility for the terror attacks that killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds more in Sanaa, Yemen. Four suicide bombers blew themselves up in two different mosques during midday prayer March 20. According to a Fox News article, the mosques were being used by the group, Shia Muslim Houthi, which has seized control of the Yemeni government. The palace where the ousted president is residing also came under attack briefly after the bombings. Yemen has been in the eye of this storm of violence between the majority Sunni Muslims, who are affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and the Shia Muslims.

Tourists killed in attack on Tunisian museum

Twenty people, mostly tourists, were killed in a terror attack on The National Bardo Museum in Tunisia on March 18. Two of the militants, claimed by ISIS, were killed in the process and nine others were arrested. The Washington Post reported that the militants were radicalized in Tunisia and had recently traveled to Libya for training. ISIS has said that it has hundreds of militants in Tunisia, but the claim on this attack has yet to be independently proven.

North Korea claims possession of nuclear weapons

The North Korean ambassador to Britain, Hyun Hak Bong, is claiming that the North Korean government has nuclear missiles, indicated a Fox News article. These weapons would be used as retaliation if the U.S. were to orchestrate a nuclear attack. Hyun Hak Bong emphasized to Sky News that North Korea does not want war but is also not afraid of it. It is suspected that North Korea has had these weapons and has been testing them since 2006, but experts are skeptical about whether or not North Korea’s nuclear program is as advanced as the country claims.

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