International news: Jihadi John, blogger murdered, Putin critic shot


ISIS militant who beheaded captives identified

The man known as “Jihadi John,” who viciously beheaded captives in several different videos released by the Islamic State, has reportedly been identified as Mohammad Emwazi. A Fox News article reported that Emwazi was born in Kuwait but was living in London. He graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in computer programming in 2009. Emwazi first made it onto the authorities’ radar in 2010 when he was detained by counterterrorism agents. It is suspected that he went to Syria in 2012 to join the Islamic State.

U.S. blogger murdered in Bangladesh

A popular U.S. blogger, Avijit Roy, and his wife, Rafida Ahmed, were attacked with cleavers in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday, Feb. 26. Roy was killed in the attack while his wife was seriously injured. Roy, who is known for being a critic of religious fundamentalism, had reportedly received prior death threats. According to a Fox News article, authorities are still unclear about who is behind the attack. Similar attacks have been common in Bangladesh, including the 2013 death of another blogger, who was known for his writing against religious radicalism.

Top Putin critic murdered in Moscow

One of Vladimir Putin’s leading critics Boris Nemtsov was murdered on the streets of Moscow. Nemstov spoke out aggressively against Putin. Other leaders of the opposition say that this act was meant to intimidate them, a Washington Post article indicated. Nemstov was set to speak at an opposition rally the day after he was shot; this rally was expected to reinvigorate the opposition movement. Russian authorities have no leads on who is responsible for the drive-by shooting.