INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Man with guns arrested at Disneyland Paris, Turkey seeks answers from Russian airspace violation, Jordanian prime minister asks for Syrian refugee aid


French police arrest man carrying two guns at Disneyland Paris

A man entered the New York Hotel at Disneyland Paris with a bag that set off metal detectors, reported the BBC on Jan. 28. Upon examination, security found two guns, a copy of the Quran and a box of ammunition. According to the BBC, Disneyland Paris spokesperson Francois Banon said, “The police were immediately notified and the individual was arrested.” France remains under a state of emergency after the November terrorist attacks in Paris.

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Turkey seeks answers for Russian airspace violation

Turkey said a Russian SU-34 jet violated its airspace Jan. 29, despite verbal warnings in both Russian and English. In November, Turkey shot down a Russian plane after it violated its airspace near Syria creating high tensions. According to the BBC, the Russian ambassador was summoned to Turkey’s foreign ministry to “strongly protest and condemn” the violation. Moscow denied flying into Turkish airspace while carrying out its airstrikes against Syrian rebels.

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Jordanian prime minister asks for aid to accommodate Syrian refugees

Abdullah Ensour, Jordan’s prime minister, made unusually blunt comments Saturday stating the country’s need for budget support and new trade arrangements for admitting Syrian refugees, reported Fox News. Jordan and Lebanon initially allowed vast numbers of Syrians to enter their borders but recently tightened restrictions due to an inability to accommodate the mass population growth. Jordan has taken 630,000 refugees, as other European countries remain conflicted about proper restrictions. About 4.3 million Syrians have found refuge so far in overburdened European countries.

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