International news: New South Pacific island, Burma drops bomb, Sierra Leone’s vice president quarartine


Volcano eruption creates new island in South Pacific

An eruption of the Hunga Tonga volcano, located under the chain of islands that make up the country of Tonga, resulted in the creation of a new island. The island emerged shortly after the December 2014 eruption and measures 500 meters in length. Satellite images depict changes in rock formations above the volcano with a vast lake filled with sulfur appearing at the mouth. Visitors to the island have said the surface felt hot and that it extends quite high in elevation, according to BBC news. Scientists warn that the new earth formation is likely highly unstable and dangerous.

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Myanmar reportedly drops bomb on Chinese border

China has initiated a protest against Myanmar, also known as Burma, after a Myanmar aircraft dropped a bomb on Chinese territory. The attack resulted in four civilian deaths and prompted thousands of citizens to seek refuge elsewhere in China. Chinese fighter jets were sent to the border between Myanmar and China for increased security patrol. Myanmar denied allegations of being involved with the attack and instead blamed rebels. Fighting has intensified in the region between these Myanmar rebels and government forces. Officials say the attack could have been an attempt by rebels to provoke dissension between the two countries.

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Mysterious voluntary quarantine of Sierra Leone’s vice president

Samuel Sam-Sumana, vice president of Sierra Leone, has “gone into hiding,” according to BBC news. Sam-Sumana claimed to be taking a 21-day voluntary quarantine after one of his bodyguards contracted Ebola and died. The move appeared mysterious as it came right after the All People’s Congress Party accused Sam-Sumana of “orchestrating political violence.” Troops were dispatched to the vice president’s home without the release of further details. A rift between the vice president and President Ernest Bai Koroma also appears to be well-known among constituents, fueling suspicions.

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