INTERNATIONAL NEWS: North Korea rocket launch moves forward, Islamic State militants enter Europe in disguise, Taiwan suffers 6.4 magnitude earthquake


North Korea’s rocket launch is moved forward

North Korea announced Saturday that its long-range rocket launch test will be moved up to Feb. 7-14. On Feb. 2, it was announced that the launch would take place Feb. 8- 25. No reason was provided for the change of dates, and the projected flight pattern remains the same. Fox News and the BBC report that the launch is in direct conflict with the orders of other governments who suspect that it is actually a test of a ballistic missile that would be able to reach the U.S. This announcement came just weeks after the country’s fourth nuclear test. North Korea has tested nuclear devices in 2006, 2009 and 2013 as well as a long-range rocket in 2012.

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Islamic State militants enter Europe in disguise

Islamic State militants are entering Europe by disguising themselves as refugees, the German national security service cautioned Friday. According to Fox News, three men were arrested Feb. 4 by Berlin police in an investigation of men who planned terrorist attacks in Germany and had ISIS ties. Hans-Georg Maassen, who is the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, said that there have been a number of cases where terrorists were smuggled into the country or disguised as refugees. It is also reported that the Paris terrorists, along with 90 other militants, pretended to be seeking asylum. Maassen said that there is evidence to prove that people are planning terrorist attacks on Germany, but there is “no indication of an imminent attack.”

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Taiwan suffers 6.4 magnitude earthquake

Taiwan’s official Central News Agency reported Saturday that at least 14 people were killed and 484 were injured in a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that morning. The collapse of a 16-floor residential building in Tainan trapped many of the residents, but 200 of them were found thanks to the hard work of more than 1,500 people involved in rescue efforts, according to CNN. One hundred and fifty-three residents of the same city remained unaccounted for, and more than 60 were still hospitalized as of Saturday. The quake came at the time of an important holiday, the Lunar New Year, which is comparable to Thanksgiving in the U.S. Seven other buildings were damaged in the event.

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