Irish fest draws students with paint, performances, potatoes

Ben Miller
Layout Editor

Multiple student groups performed with music and dancing in celebration of Irish culture from 8-11 p.m. Thursday in a packed J.C. Williams Center.

Students lined up throughout the evening for the free Tater Tot bar and airbrush tattoos while listening to live music and watching Irish dancing.

Music was provided by Crosby&Ellender, a group composed of May 2021 graduates Michael Crosby and John Ellender and December 2021 graduates Joe Mulligan and Joe Mello.

Sophomore Murphy Givens opened for the band, singing many classic Irish songs, including “I’ll Tell My Ma” by Clancy Brothers.

At 9 p.m., the Franciscan Irish Dance Club performed seven routines that included all five members of the club as well as some younger dancers.

Some of the younger dancers included siblings of junior Maria Resuta, president of the club, as well as children of Sarah Wear, professor of classics.

The dancers wrapped up with a big group routine performed to “Tell Me Ma,” by Sham Rock.

Junior Genevieve Stefanick said, “I thought the Irish dancing was really impressive. It’s nice to know that people are still trying to keep the Irish culture alive.”

After the dancers, Crosby&Ellender performed for the rest of the night while the crowd cheered with applause after each song. The band performed many original songs, including one called “Bad Timing Blues.”

Senior Austin Hilgeman said she enjoyed the night and the live performance in particular.

“Crosby&Ellender are my favorite live performance ever,” Hilgeman said. “I think this is the best event we’ve had on campus.”

Parkhurst provided beer and a Tater Tot bar, which included a variety of toppings. Non-alcoholic drinks and cookies were provided by Exc!te.

The line for the airbrush tattoos was consistently long throughout the night until it finally wrapped up at 11 p.m.

Senior Isaac Iniguez, Exc!te’s president, said the event was fun for all.

“There’s something for everyone,” Iniguez said, “from airbrush tattoos, to Tater Tot bar, to drinks. And everything’s free.”

Irish Fest is an annual event hosted by Exc!te.