Jenny Massey: Confidence through Christ


At 4 years old, Jenny Massey stepped up to the plate for her first T-ball game. Almost 15 years later, Massey is still swinging, now as a powerful young member of the Lady Barons softball team.

A freshman nursing major hailing from San Diego, California, Massey currently plays the outfield for the Lady Barons. She was named last week’s Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference Softball Player of the Week, but her successes this season derive from a lifetime of passion.

Massey begin playing T-ball at age 4 but quickly moved on to softball by age 7. In the eighth grade, Massey achieved a personal success in softball that still motivates her to this day. Though most athletes have a favorite sports memory that comes from a big moment in front of a big audience, Massey’s was more private.

“My favorite sports memory would have to be the time that I first cranked the ball over the fence. It was at a practice,” she said. “It is that day that I look back to to remind myself that I can do anything.”

This confidence has carried her through her softball career, but it is not this one memory of success that gives her strength. “Before every pitch, I make the sign of the cross over the plate with my bat, reminding myself that Christ is my foundation in everything.” she said.

Massey credits her love and passion for the sport to her mother, who fostered her growth from a young age. She comes from a military family — her father is a Vietnam veteran and her mother served in the navy — and the familial determination clearly passed from one generation to the next. Massey said she is extremely thankful for her entire family, who pushes her to be the best version of herself.

Even though she is still young in her career at Franciscan, Massey has big dreams for the university’s softball team this season. She hopes for the team to not only grow closer as a unit but also win the AMCC conference title. “We have been off to a strong start,” she said, “and I have no doubt of the damage we will do this season. Every teammate gives their all, and that is key.”

Massey already has had much personal success this season with promises of more to come, but one important aspect of her life keeps her grounded. “Something that inspires me is the incredible Catholic faith,” she said. “Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Having a constant reminder of God’s presence in my life, knowing him and his love, is what fuels me to share his love with others and help lead them to him.”

Massey will next take to the field with the rest of the Lady Barons softball team on Saturday, March 30, at 1 p.m. for a doubleheader against the D’Youville Spartans.