Joshua Judges Ruth: Local man survives sign of peace


Student Joseph Buffoon reported his satisfaction that the Holy Spirit “came through” in helping him navigate the sign of peace at Thursday’s 12:05 Mass in Christ the King Chapel.

Buffoon reported feeling “panicked” when he stood from the Consecration, realizing that he was surrounded on all sides by people he did not know.

“I never know who to shake hands with first,” said Buffoon. “(Do I turn) left, right? Do I turn around? What if I go for one person at the same time as someone else? It’s so awkward!”

Buffoon’s intention during the “Our Father” was to avoid embarrassment during his “least favorite part of the Liturgy.” He reported receiving inspiration from the Holy Spirit to plan his course of action ahead of time.

“I had to think fast,” Buffoon said. “I wasn’t really paying attention to the words of the ‘Our Father,’ but I think God understands.”

As the priest said, “let us offer each other the sign of peace,” Buffoon executed his plan with great precision and accuracy. He turned to the left, and with a winning smile, said, “Peace be with you.” He turned to his right, and with another dashing grin, said, “Peace be with you.”

Buffoon proceeded to share the peace of Christ with three people behind him and the three in front of him in a like manner. He reported maintaining eye contact with each person, didn’t hold on too long or not long enough and felt an overall sense of accomplishment and relief.

“Everything went so smoothly!” Buffoon recalled. “I’ve been Catholic since day one and I’ve never sung the ‘Lamb of God’ with more joy.”

Buffoon also reported offering his communion in thanksgiving for his triumph.

“The one concern I have now is that it can only go downhill from here,” said Buffoon.

Student Sarah Jones, who shared the sign of peace with Buffoon, affirmed his success.

“His palms were kind of clammy,” said Jones. “But he had a firm handshake.”

Other persons near Buffoon could not be identified or declined to comment.