Conservative Column: Kavanaugh and leftist fear-mongering


Through tears showcasing an attitude of desperation to save his personal reputation and his family from overtly salacious and uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault, Brett Kavanaugh’s three weeks from hell came to a head last week during a marathon hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And make no mistake, as was easily predictable, the hearing proved to be another absolute clown show of partisan politics and absolute shameless behavior that should terrify anyone who ever seeks to be a public servant or maintain a public persona.

This freak show that destroyed the reputation of a good man is a sign to all of us that if we do not kowtow to the acceptable standard of mainstream political thought, we will be destroyed publicly. This terrifies me, and it should terrify you.

This precedent that has been created ignores all evidence and all standards of due process that have been the hallmark of our republic since her founding. These are not the principles that our country was founded on, and they are a showcase of absolute evil.

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to a seat on the Supreme Court. And in an almost carbon copy of what has occurred this month with Judge Kavanaugh, an uncorroborated, salacious accusation of sexual misconduct was made against Thomas right before the Senate Judiciary Committee was set to vote on his nomination. The resulting circus that followed remains a black mark in American history.

For Brett Kavanaugh, it was way worse.

We say Christine Blasey Ford is credible, but she can’t remember key details and the very witnesses she placed at the scene of the alleged incident have said the party she speaks of never happened. Yet Kavanaugh is now marked as a rapist.

Another woman, Deborah Ramirez, says Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while they were in college. But she claims she was too drunk to accurately remember the incident and the people she named as witnesses say it never happened. Yet Brett Kavanaugh is now marked as a rapist.

And then came the most despicably unbelievable accusation of all. Michael Avenatti, a man who calls himself an attorney in between his MSNBC and CNN hits pushing his future presidential campaign (I say let him run) has come forward to say that he is representing a woman who witnessed Kavanaugh witness gang rapes at a series of parties when Kavanaugh was in high school.

This woman, Julie Swetnick, says that she went to 10 different parties that were a haven for gang rape for a group of men that included Kavanaugh. Ten different parties. Open gang rape at 10 different parties and not a single authority ever heard a word about it, and no one has corroborated the claim.

This is such an unbelievable claim that Kavanaugh referred to the allegation as “from the twilight zone.”

This is a pure, unadulterated, evil attempt to destroy the reputation of a man who has devoted his entire life to serving his country and his family. Sexual assault allegations destroy people’s lives. And usually with good reason.

Any person who has committed an act such as this should be cast out of society and put in jail. But as we see before us, such allegations can be used as a weapon. These accusations would never hold up for even a search warrant given the information available.

This is terrifying. Sexual assault allegations are now a weapon. And the people who are hurt most are real victims of sexual assault who become even more reluctant to come forward when others are outed as liars.

There needs to be serious consequences for these continuous charades, and anyone who makes a false accusation should face the same consequence that the person they accused would have faced.