Knights of the Holy Queen host pink shirt party

By Peter Lim
Staff Writer

The Knights of the Holy Queen household held their Pink Shirt Party on Sept. 22 from 8:30 pm to midnight in the J.C. Williams Center atrium.

The entrance fee was $3 for a single person, $5 for a couple and $2 for people in a household.

A photo booth was set up near the elevator to take participants’ free selfies or video clips. Free pink t-shirts with the spray painted KHQ logo were also included for participants to wear.

Decorations were strung across the atrium, with pink streamers wrapped around pillars, the staircase rails and above the open space. Bubbles also floated from a bubble machine during different songs.

The DJ for the night played many nostalgic early 2000s and 2010s pop to keep the energy high throughout the event.

Sophomore Joe Dauchess, member of KHQ, said, “I think we’re doing a good job … we attracted the right crowd and I think everybody here is having a good time.”

Evelyn Guijarro Tinajero, a sophomore education major, said, “As a part of their sister household Angels, I wanted to show my support to the Knights, and I also knew I was going to have a great time.”

“This is my second time attending the Pink Shirt dance, but I can really see how much effort they put into this one,” said Tinajero.

“The tiny details like the bubble machine and photobooth made it stand out from other events. I hope everyone who came had fun because I did!” Tinajero said.

Sophomore Bel Remedios said, “I am really enjoying the night. People are hyped up, and I am very happy to support their household.”

Sophomore Kevin Tejeda said, “My friends told me about the party and I’m having a great time, so I’m glad I came.”