Lady Barons fall to Wolverines in landslide game

Cecilia Engbert

Copy Editor

The Franciscan University of Steubenville women’s basketball team lost to Grove City College 95-34 at a home game Saturday, Feb. 27, at 1 p.m.

The Lady Barons could not match the 5-0 Wolverines in points as they slipped more and more behind in each quarter of the high scoring game.

The first quarter was low scoring for both teams as the Lady Barons ran the clock out on the Wolverines, keeping them from scoring.

Sophomore forward Angela Starre and sophomore point guard Selena Coronis led the team, making six points for Franciscan.

The quarter ended with Grove City up 13-6.

In the second quarter, the Lady Barons struggled to maintain possession of the ball, allowing the Wolverines to steal it repeatedly and stack up points.

Freshman guard Isabel Atendido made points for the Lady Barons in the quarter, completing a layup and a 3-pointer.

Grove City made the last score of the first half with a buzzer beater, bringing the score to 53-12.

The Lady Barons started off the second half with some points but not enough to match the accelerated pace of Grove City.

Freshman guard Ashley Benson made a bucket that Starre followed with a steal and a layup, bringing the score to 72-20.

A 3-pointer by freshman center Paige Kendall gave the Lady Barons another boost before the quarter ended 79-23.

The ball was stolen back and forth throughout the fourth quarter while Grove City smoothly continued to score.

The Lady Barons were able to add to their points with several free throws.

Freshman guard Victoria Unnerstall made a bucket with 30 seconds left to play.

Freshman forward Sophie LaRose made the final points for Franciscan with two completed free throws in the final seconds, bringing the final score to 95-34.

“We are growing day by day and focusing on the process,” said coach Sean Kirk.

The Lady Barons will face the Tomcats at Thiel College Monday at 7 p.m.

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