Lady barons lose to Geneva

Stanley Colaço

Staff Writer

On Saturday, Jan. 30, the Lady Barons basketball team received their second loss of the season, this time at the hands of Geneva College.

The Lady Barons’ starting lineup consisted of freshmen guards Ashley Benson, Victoria Unnerstall and Natalie Conner and sophomore guard Clare McGahan, as well as junior forward Angela Starre.

The Geneva College Golden Tornadoes started the game off well, scoring six points and locking down on the Lady Barons in the first minute of play, until Starre took two points at the free throw line. She would go on to make four more in the game, going 5 for 6 from the line.

McGahan closed the first quarter with a free throw that brought the score to 18-15, and by the second half the Lady Barons still hadn’t held a lead, now down 37-29.

In the second half the Lady Barons scored 11 field goals, increasing their efficiency by 3%.

The game ended with the Lady Barons losing to Geneva 85-61. The Lady Barons only managed to score nine points from the 3-point range during the game, leaving them with 15% efficiency from that range.

Geneva, playing 14 total players, were able to stay far more energetic than the eight Lady Barons who took the court. The Lady Barons used all of their five allotted timeouts, and the Golden Tornadoes used one.

The game’s strongest performance came from Starre, who scored 15 points in her second double of the season alongside 11 rebounds and a team-leading four steals. The last time these two teams met, Starre contributed 17 points to the Lady Baron’s win by seven points, coming off the bench.

Another notable performance came from sophomore point guard Selena Coronis, who scored a game-leading 17 points, paired with 10 rebounds for her double-double, as well as a block and steal.

The Lady Barons next home game, scheduled for Feb. 6 against Thiel College, has been postponed.