Lady Barons narrowly defeated by Chatham at last home game

Photo by Linsey Flinn

Estelle Mandeville
Staff Writer

The Lady Barons lost their last home game of the season to the Chatham University Cougars 64-55 at 2 p.m. Saturday.

The game started slowly with the Cougars scoring the first basket of the game at almost three minutes into the first quarter. The Lady Barons then scored a responding basket, making the score 2-2.

The Cougars then took back the lead. After that, the Lady Barons scored six unanswered points. The Cougars scored again. The score was 20-15 with the Cougars in the lead at the end of the first quarter.

The Lady Barons came back and led 24-23 with two foul shots from freshman guard Felicia MacGillivray. The Cougars then scored.

The Lady Barons led again 27-26 near the end of the second quarter. The score was 32-29 with the Cougars in the lead at the half.

Near the end of the third quarter, the teams were tied at 40 with a jump shot from MacGillivray and a basket and a foul shot from freshman center Madison Doan.

The Cougars then scored four points to end the third at 44-40. The Cougars had the lead, but the Lady Barons came close to tying in the fourth quarter. The Cougars scored the next five points and won the game 64-55.

Doan was the top scorer with 22 points. She also achieved a double-double and had 11 rebounds.

The next top scorers were MacGillivray with 20 points, including four 3-pointers, and freshman forward Kimberely McDaniels with four points.

Coach Sean Kirk said that the Lady Barons “played them tough. … We just got to get better every day.” He said the Lady Barons had improved since the last time they faced the Cougars.

The Lady Baron’s next game will be at Geneva College Monday in the first round of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference Championship Tournament.

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