Lady Barons sweep tennis match against Muskingum University

Photo by Ezra Christi

Rachel Nava
Staff Writer

The Lady Barons tennis team secured a win Thursday at the Belleview Courts against Muskingum University with a final score of 9-0.

The match started with a rousing cheer from spectators and a prayer led by the Rev. Nathan Malavolti, TOR, the team’s chaplain. Afterward, the Lady Barons started their match with strong efforts, and went on to win all of their doubles matches.

Junior Caroline Picard and sophomore Isabella Matt won their doubles match with a score of 8-1. Senior Zoey Stapleton and freshman Makena Wisniewski also won their doubles match with a score of 8-1.

Freshman Laina Anderson and junior Haley Davinsizer fought hard to capture the last doubles match to win with a final score of 8-5.

Sophomore Maria Herrera won her singles match 6-2 with quick moves toward the ball. Picard skillfully won her match with a final score of 6-2 as well.

Stapleton, sophomore Susan Schuberg and freshman Alessandra Barker all swept the competition in their singles matches, allowing no points to get past them with a final of 6-0 for each.

Davinsizer kept up the Lady Barons’ pace with a 6-1 win, giving the Lady Barons an overall score of 9-0 to secure their overall victory.

Sophomore Alejandra Razo played in her first match. The game did not count toward the official score, but the Lady Barons showed excitement at seeing more of their teammates participating.

Assistant tennis coach Ana Victoria Haddad filled in for Head Coach Scott Greve and said she was pleased with the girls’ performances.

“I am just so proud of every single girl (on) this team,” Haddad said after the match. “They played ‘Lady Barons tennis,’ which means they had a purpose and a reason, a ‘why’ for every shot, for every game and for every match that they played. And they just know how to turn their game, their tennis, into a prayer — an offering for God.”

The Lady Barons’ next home game will be Saturday at 1 p.m. against La Roche University at the Belleview Courts.