Lady Barons swim team loses last home game to Grove City College

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

The Lady Barons swim team dove into competitive waters at the Big Red Natatorium against the Grove City College Wolverines Saturday, Nov. 20, losing 150-100.

During the 1000-meter freestyle race, which consists of 40 laps total, senior Colleen Farabaugh took the lead and finished first.

That was a strong start for the Lady Barons as they dove into their next race: the 200-meter freestyle, which is 8 laps. Freshmen Jessica Stiles, Celia Van Dem Wymelenburg and Kristen Farabaugh won the top positions.

For the 100-meter backstroke race, which is 4 laps total, sophomores Hana Regenauer, Kaley Somers and Caitlynn Carmona finished third, fourth and fifth respectively.

In the 100-meter breaststroke race, the Lady Barons were represented by junior Olivia Mete, senior Rebecca Poston and freshman Bridget Bartosik who finished first, fourth and fifth respectively, out of five.

During the 200-meter butterfly stroke race, sophomore Sarah Kelty came in a close second. The Barons crushed the following 50-meter freestyle race — two laps of sheer speed — with senior Emily Reuwer, sophomore Anne Konstanty and freshman Maite Talavera who finished second, fourth and fifth respectively out of six.

In the 100-meter freestyle race, Kelty, Talavera and junior Therese Lock finished third, fifth and sixth respectively out of six swimmers. Then followed the 200-meter backstroke race. Regenauer, Carmona and sophomore Brianna Sauselen finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively out of six.

In the 200-meter breaststroke race, Van Dem Wymelenburg returned and won first while Farabaugh came in a close third out of five.

For the 500-meter freestyle race, which is 10 laps, Konstanty, Somer and Poston finished third, fifth and sixth respectively. The race that followed was the 100-meter butterfly race where Mete, Reuter and sophomore Grace Shoemaker finished third, fourth and fifth respectively out of six.

Farabaugh, Bartosik and Stiles participated in a 200-meter individual medley race. They finished first, fourth and fifth respectively out of six.

Finally, the Lady Barons participated in a 200-meter freestyle relay. One group of Lady Barons finished second and the other two finished third and fourth.

Even though the Lady Barons trailed behind the Wolverines, they celebrated their seniors at their last home meet of the season.

Head Coach Kaitlin Gore said she was proud of the Lady Barons’ performance and took this minor setback in their winning streak as a learning point — not losing hope in her team.