Lady Barons volleyball overcomes losing streak, beats Washington and Jefferson

Photo by Brigid Mack

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

The Franciscan University of Steubenville Lady Barons volleyball team overcame a losing streak and beat the Washington and Jefferson College Presidents 3-1 Saturday at 1 p.m.

In the first set, the Presidents were tied with the Lady Barons 4-4 until senior outside hitter Renee Antonelli made a kill.

After Antonelli’s performance, the Lady Barons were fired up and solidified their offense, bringing the score to 10-8 for Franciscan. Every time the Presidents would catch up on the scoreboard, they would either be bested by serves made by freshman right side Brynn Jacobson or thwarted by Antonelli’s spike-balls.

The Presidents attempted to keep a volley going to keep the Barons from taking game point. Franciscan acquired the last point due to a penalty given to the Presidents, wrapping up the first quarter with the Lady Barons taking it 25-14.

In the second quarter, with spikes by both Antonelli and Jacobson and blocks by freshman libero Sara Moore, the Lady Barons remained in the lead.

The tension of the game rose as both teams crossed the 20-point mark and competed for the remainder of the second quarter. Eventually, the Lady Barons snatched the second set, beating the Presidents 25-23.

During the third quarter, even though Jacobson made fierce kills — putting the Lady Barons in the lead at 3-1 — the Presidents kept up their defense and attempted to catch up.

Some of the Presidents’ volleys found holes in the Lady Baron’s defense and put the Presidents in the lead at 23-21. The Presidents eventually took the set, beating the Lady Barons 25-21.

With one set won by the Presidents, the fourth quarter was a deal-breaker. The Lady Barons took an early lead at 3-0. Senior middle hitter Caitlin O’Malley began a streak of several spike-balls, putting the Barons at 10-3.

The bleachers were quaking, anticipating victory for the Lady Barons. One fan chanted, “These Presidents are about to get impeached!”

Antonelli once again made a vicious kill, putting the Lady Barons at 14-5. She quickly followed it with another kill.

The scoreboard showed 23-19 in favor of Franciscan. The crowd rose out of its seats. Nutter leaped for the ball and performed one final kill, which was game point for the Lady Barons.

The Lady Barons’ next home game will be against the Bethany College Bisons Monday at 7 p.m.

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