Letter from the Editor: Best of the Barons

Olivia Sielaff


Who are the outstanding students of Franciscan University? Who are the ones that positively impact the lives of those around them? Who are those that live the Franciscan spirit?

Many of the students at Franciscan are passionate, faith-filled individuals. They are excellent students and athletes, leaders and missionaries. Wherever they go, Franciscan students bring with them the wisdom they’ve learned and the joy of the Gospel.

Knowing this, we at The Troubadour wanted to highlight in a special way the outstanding students of Franciscan University. What you’ll find in this issue (and the next) is The Troubadour’s first special recognition series – The Best of the Barons.

What is The Best of the Barons? Think of a scaled-down version of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, but Franciscan University style.

Earlier this semester we asked you, the student body, to nominate your fellow students as candidates for The Best of the Barons. We wanted to find students who have made a difference on campus, in others’ lives and in their communities. We were looking for the big thinkers, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs, the silent witnesses, the dedicated leaders and the helping hands of Franciscan University.

From the various, excellent nominees, we chose four top students to be the first-ever Best of the Barons: Andrew Rankin, Elise Zajicek, Ellie Schlueter and Joseph Danaher.

These Barons exemplify the qualities for which we were searching and beyond. From the words of those who nominated them, these students have been an inspiration and witness to others. Whether it is through commitment to their academics, a deep faith life or the pursuit of their long-term goals, they are playing a significant role at Franciscan University during their time here.

But there is one common feature about each of our Barons that is most important: They are living radical lives in service to others and to Christ.

These students aren’t content to live their lives or their faith with mediocrity. In pursuing their goals and callings, they have also reached out to others in the Franciscan spirit. They’ve touched the lives of those on campus, members of their families and communities just by doing what they are called to do.

We at The Troubadour, and those who nominated the Barons, have confidence that they will go far and continue to be exceptional individuals.

Thank you to all who submitted nominations. And thank you to this year’s Best of the Barons for being exemplary young people living out your vocations as students and as members of Christ’s body.

Best of the Barons!

Andrew Rankin
Andrew Rankin
Elise Zajicek
Elise Zajicek