Letter from the Editor: Franciscan bucket list

Olivia Sielaff

560161_599435346849031_5453672627210705151_nBY OLIVIA SIELAFF

As The Troubadour has been gearing up for another semester, I’ve been preparing for graduation in the spring.

While the graduating class of 2015 is looking ahead at the possibilities for the future, there are many things I’m looking back on during my four years at Franciscan University.

As a senior I feel it is part of my responsibility to pass on to you essential bits of information that I and some of my classmates have learned that will make your time here at Franciscan – whether it be four years or one semester – all the more fruitful and enjoyable.

I’d like to call it the “Franciscan Bucket List.”

Some items on this list are serious. Some are comical. Others you absolutely must do. And others call for your best judgment.

Nevertheless, the items on this list are unique to Franciscan University. They are things that you should do to get a full Franciscan experience before graduation rolls around.

Besides the obvious – like studying in Austria (for the Milka) and attending a FOP – here are a few items you might not have considered. I’ve come up with some and have included the suggestions of a few of my senior classmates.

To all underclassmen, you’ve got at least three and a half years to start on this bucket list, but don’t let the time pass you by. To the graduating seniors, don’t mentally check out yet. There are still some great things you can do in this last semester.

Take the opportunity to learn all you can from the faculty. Don’t be afraid to talk with professors or visit during their office hours. They have a wealth of wisdom to share.

Spend time off the hill and do activities in the downtown Steubenville area.” – Hannah Glaser, senior early childhood education major.

Eat wings and sing your heart out with karaoke every Wednesday night at Zalenski’s in Wintersville, Ohio.

Take a polar plunge in the panhandle!” – Rebecca Feldkamp, senior theology and English double major.

See Steubenville from “the lookout” across the river (during the day and at night).

Eat at Plain Jane’s downtown.” – Nicole Michel, senior psychology major.

Sign up for a holy hour in the Port at least one semester. How many people can say they prayed in a replica of the original Portiuncula? Plus, it’s good for your soul.

Roll down the hills on campus. There’s plenty from which to choose.

Have a beer in the Pub!” – Eddie Bardella, senior history major. (If you’re 21 and older, of course.)

Visit a household’s Lord’s Day commitment (both men’s and women’s). I’m not saying you have to join a household, but I encourage you at least to see what they’re all about.

Get to know the university staff. Strike up a conversation with one of the cafeteria employees or say hello to a campus security officer.

You already have a Franciscan Bucket List, you say? We’d love to hear it! Share your bucket list on our Facebook page and in the comments section of this editorial.