Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: 

I wanted to respond to last Troubadours article regarding Household Life.  While I fully agree with the authors premise that there are issues” in households, i.e. cliques, loneliness and gossip, I disagree with the conclusions drawn in the article, namely, that this is an epidemic in Household Life and that the formation of new households is a bad sign of the health of Household Life.I firmly believe that if ever in your life you belong to any group of two or more people, whether that be chess club, soccer team, household or even marriage, you are going to experience pain and disappointment.  Unfortunately, as humans we tend to be cliquey, gossipy and uncharitable at times.  This is an ageold problem that we must always fight against.  These are issues I address every year throughout formation that coordinators attend, especially the topic of inclusivity.However, there is always a balance between deepening our brotherhood and sisterhood and being more outreachcentered.  But rest assured this is a topic close to my heart.  Last, I want to be clear that the university sees the development and formation of new households as a good thing.  We believe it actually signifies the movement of the Holy Spirit on our campus and blesses our student body in profound ways.   

May God bless you and your work, 


Bob Lesnefsky  

Assistant Director of Household Life