Letter to the Editor: Baron ruggers minister to local children with special needs


Recently, Franciscan’s rugby coach, Jason Adams, had the idea that because the school and community give so much to the rugby team, we should give back to the community. To accomplish this goal, the president of the team, PJ Ernst, got in touch with Marybeth Colman at Holy Family Parish with much aid and assistance from JD Lejeune and Dr. Megan Reister to help with their group, Faith and Light, for children with special needs. 

During our visit on Sunday, Oct. 27, the ruggers performed a skit based on Jesus’ love for all people led by Matt Hennig and David Prezzia. Afterward, they sang some praise and worship, and then, the ruggers had a good opportunity to pray with the children during their meditative prayer time. Then, they had time to talk in small groups about how Jesus works through our lives and how he loves each one of us despite our life’s challenges.  

Then of course, it was the ruggers’ favorite time of the day: dinnertime. The ruggers helped to serve food and drinks to the kids, and we all had a hearty family-style meal togetherTo finish the day off, we went outside to play some rugby with the kids.  

Rafe Lewis was heard saying, “Give these kids some rugby contracts!”  

At the end of the afternoon, Clay Boyle said, “It was a great day, and we were just happy that we could help serve the community and give back a little. Rugby is our game, and we just wanted to bring it out and share it with (the kids).”