Liberal policies hurt the poor, says former welfare abuser


Approximately 150 people packed into the Gentile Gallery Feb. 16 to hear a former welfare abuser give a talk on how liberal policies hurt the poor.

Star Parker, now president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), spoke about her own experience as a victim of liberal policies and outlined three wars that liberal politicians had waged against America: War on God, war on marriage and war on the poor.

These three wars, said Parker, have led to a culture of entitlement that has now spanned three generations and impacted every facet of trying to live a moral life in this country.

Parker said this culture of entitlement has led to the creation of a society that does not worry about natural consequences that come from sin and has now spread through some of the hardest-hit communities in the country.

“These three wars have sent a message that rules of law and constitutional order are subjective, they change with the wind, because we as a nation will provide safety nets,” said Parker. “We live in an era of moral relativism.”

Parker then went on to talk more about how the morality of society has been degraded, especially highlighting the abortion industry and specifically the notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  Parker also talked about how the sexual revolution hurt America greatly and that the effects stemming from that era, including homosexuality and sexual promiscuity, have all deteriorated the institution of marriage, which Parker called the “capstone of society.”

Parker said that anti-poverty programs are meant to help bring the poor up so that they can support themselves, not so that they can rely on welfare to support them for life.

Parker closed by reminding the audience that while we cannot legislate morality, it is possible to regulate behavior, and that we as Catholics must work to abolish abortion and renew marriage so that we can bring back a moral society.

The talk, sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom club (YAF), was attended by members of several grassroots organizations such as We the People Ohio Valley, Americans for Prosperity and Steubenville for Liberty.

Ron Ferguson, senior field director of Americans for Prosperity in Ohio, said of the talk, “It’s good to be hearing from a conservative leader, because it’s important for us to be as organized, if not better, than the left.”

Sophomore Briana Santana thought that the talk was very good and that it motivated her to rethink about going into politics after graduation.

“I have always planned to go into politics until recently, when I decided to put that on hold,” said Santana. “But after getting a chance to hear Parker’s talk and then speak with her, I know that I want to help those people in need by being involved in politics.”