Local music venue to host Franny talent

By Mia Brounstein 

Three current Franciscan University students and two alumni will be showcasing their musical talent at a gala for charity at a new community creative arts facility on March 2. 
According to a press release, students Tim Scott, Olivia Poirier and Nathan Lai as well as alumni Chris Dacanay (class of 2023) and Jacob Baugher (class of 2014) will be performing at The Studio, a newly renovated concert venue at 2700 Sunset Boulevard, Suite No. 12. 
Baugher will be performing with emo group Cokeworks and Dacanay, Lai and Poirier will be performing with their indie rock and punk band, Squishy Ate 50. 
According to the press release, the show is the first of what organizers hope will become a series of local music nights for youth of the Ohio Valley. Dacanay is helping to organize the event, along with Revolution of Tenderness — a Steubenville-based nonprofit dedicated to building community through arts and culture. 
“This show is going to be huge for Steubenville and the Ohio Valley,” Dacanay said. “I’ve been planning this event with the Revolution of Tenderness for about a month, and it’s looking to be a great experience. 
“My hope is to make these shows more consistent, offering an outlet for area youth to have fun, listen to music and socialize. This first show is a test run for the concept, but I’d like to see if be as big as possible so we can continue having shows.” 
Doors open at The Studio at 5:30 p.m. and music will start at 6 p.m. on the night of the show. Admission is free and refreshments will be provided.