Looking back

Teresa Dulac

Sports Editor

Hello, my faithful sports column readers. Not sure how many of you there are, but to help me keep up with my deadlines, I like to imagine there are thousands of you.

This is my last sports column as sports editor for the Troubadour. It’s been fun, being able to have my thoughts on anything sports related printed for the Franciscan world to see. Better yet, it’s going to look great on my resume.

Often when writing this column, I find myself 24 hours before the deadline racking my brain for something to write about. One time, I wrote a column on finding the sport you love. I really liked that one. Another time, I wrote a column on the history of basketball. I didn’t really like that one.

But when I’m racking my brain for a topic, I think of you guys. I think of the students at Franciscan who pick up the Troubadour while walking to class, whether you are a student athlete or a regular student.

I like to write the sports column for anyone, so that if you’re someone who has never played a sport or been a fan, you can still read my column and enjoy it.

As an athlete at Franciscan and sports editor of the Troubadour, I love sports. Graduating and leaving college is nostalgic enough as it is, but the thought of leaving college athletics makes it a little worse.

I’ve been able to write about my experiences and thoughts through it all, and that’s made it so much better. My love for sports has been able to spill over onto this column. That’s why I don’t just write it for athletes. I can hopefully make someone who has never had interest in sports before even a little bit curious.

By writing out visuals of sports, I have attempted to make my reader step into an athlete’s shoes and smell their sweat and feel their aching muscles. By sharing cool facts about sports, I have attempted to spark my reader’s interests in the history and extraordinary and exciting concept of sports.

By sharing my love for sports, I’ve attempted to make others fall in love with them too.

As you leave college for the summer, as a freshman for the first time or a senior for the last time, remember and appreciate your experience with Franciscan sports. Whether you were cheering at a baseball game because your friend dragged you there, or you were an athlete winning a game and throwing up turf on Memorial Field.

Sports at Franciscan are special, because they’re centered around the Catholic faith and attempt to live it out. Our teams pray with their opponents after games and pray with each other. Franciscan Athletics are not just about winning and glory, but about giving those wins and glory to God.

It’s a really special thing we have here at Franciscan, and something that should be enjoyed and invested in every student’s time here.

I hope I’ve fulfilled this role that I stepped into, and that you, dear reader, have enjoyed reading every column I’ve written.

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