Love of the Lamb and Lions of Judah household host coffeehouse to raise money for AIM


Brother and sister households Love of the Lamb and Lions of Judah collaborated to treat the campus to a coffeehouse on Saturday night.

The J.C. Williams Center was packed with eager audience members. Both the atrium and the upstairs area were filled with students and faculty.

Pat Knight of the Lions of Judah was the Master of Ceremonies. He opened the event by talking about AIM ministries (crisis pregnancy center) for whom the donations from the audience went.

Ryan Harner opened the event with some of his original songs, the first of which was written for his girlfriend. He combines the ocean, love and God in all of his songs.

“I love this music. It’s indescribable. His connection to the ocean speaks to me,” said Maggie Redmond, an audience member.

Up next were Ethan Jock and Mary Piescik, both sophomores, singing “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen. The crowd went wild as the two nailed the hit song.

Later on, Lauren Ramseyer from the Troubador joined her visiting sisters to treat the audience to two lovely ensembles, complete with vocals, piano, guitar and violin.

In addition to those mentioned above, there were eleven other fantastic acts. Because they were going to be on retreat over the weekend, the Lions did a lot of planning before they left.

Although it was definitely a collaborative event, Rachel Ostrander of the Lambs headed up the communications for the event, lining up who would sing and when.

“This is our first collaborative [event] as brother and sister households, and we have an amazing turnout,” said Ostrander.

Indeed, there were between 60 and 100 people gathered around listening and having a good time.

A coffeehouse was decided upon because it reflects part of the Lamb’s covenant of bringing people together through the sharing of each other’s talents and laughter, music and coffee.

Maggie Overbeck, coordinator for Love of the Lamb, said that they hope to have, and are planning, more events where they can raise money for people and organizations other than their own.

This joint effort of the Lions and the Lambs raised a lot of funds for AIM.