“Man Event” reinforces masculinity as being sons of God


Photo by: Isaac Iniguez

On Saturday, Feb. 2, men gathered into the Gentile Gallery to attend the Man Event, a time for fellowship, talks, Mass, food and beer organized by Men’s Ministry.

The Man Event centered around the unique masculinity which men have. This was made most clear in the opening prayer saying, “God, we thank you for our Y chromosome.”

Testimonies by Andy Lesnefsky and FOCUS missionaries Joel Sarmiento and Sean Finan showed the men present the importance of understanding and embracing how God made them. Contrasting authentic masculinity with the recent depictions of masculinity by Cardi B and Gillette, the speakers emphasized the need to live out one’s manhood with the understanding of being a son of God.

The speakers explained the necessity of using one’s masculinity intentionally. Instead of discovering one’s masculinity and using it without any guidance, Lesnefsky told the men to “meditate upon Jesus’ manhood (while) on the cross.” Just as Jesus is loved by the Father, Lesnefsky explained, “you are loved beyond measure … for who you are.”

Recounting his difficulty to overcome temptation in college, Finan told the men that “there’s a reason (the ways of the world) are attractive.” Seeing the difficulties that they pose, especially after college, Finan exhorted the men to “pursue Christ in this oasis (of Franciscan University).”

After the talks, the Rev. Matthew Russick, TOR, provided exposition and Mass in Christ the King Chapel. During his homily, Russick encouraged the men to “ask God to tell you who you are.”

After Mass, the Man Event provided pizza and beer. Russick also invited the men to cigars outside.

The men who attended the Man Event appreciated the time to hear the talks and pray in the chapel together. Joseph Tweed, senior, said that “the Man Event was an incredible opportunity to hear the testimony of Catholic men living their faith in the world, discuss masculinity and just spend time with friends.”