Man on the Street: A survey of current events

Do you know what is making the news today?


The Troubadour took a survey of Franciscan University students concerning recent events that have been prominent in the news during the past week. Take a look to see how they answered, and see if you can answer it correctly.


In which American state was the first case of Ebola discovered this past Tuesday?

14 out of 20 students got this answer correct. 

[spoiler title=’Click here to see the answer:’ collapse_link=’true’]On Tuesday, the first Ebola case was diagnosed in Dallas, Texas. The person had recently returned from West Africa. He died Wednesday morning.[/spoiler]



ISIS identified its next target of beheading this past Friday. In what branch of the United States military did Peter Kassig serve?

Only five out of 20 students got this answer correct.

[spoiler title=’Click here to see the answer:’ collapse_link=’true’]Peter Kassig is a former U.S. Army Ranger. He was captured in Lebanon last year during a relief mission to help Syrian refugees.[/spoiler]