Man on the Street: How do you plan to implement this year’s theme, “Be Not Afraid,” into your life this year?


Sophomore Ian Vasquez

“By not allowing discouragement to stall my self-journey towards a closer relationship with God and a better understanding of myself, talents, authenticity and prayer.”

Senior Christina Eusebio

“After being here for three years and seeing how God has formed me through different situations and people I have encountered … all lead up to where I am now. I am confident in knowing that I can trust God because I’ve seen the fruits of trusting God and I can really take to heart the theme of ‘Be Not Afraid!’”

Sophomore Sara Moceri

“I have decided to live intentionally, reflecting on the Bible verse that ‘perfect love casts out all fear.’ I am really making an effort this semester to reach out in compassion to people, whether by going to eat with a stressed friend or simply smiling at a stranger. I want an act of my love to be a way that God can come into another person’s life and free him/her from fear.”

Freshman Nolan Awrey

“I would say that I was and still am unsure about God’s plan for me, which drives me to trust in God even more, despite my fear of the unknown. I intend to keep my faith in His plan for me. No matter what that plan is, I know it is the best for me.”