Man on the Street: Should the Senate confirm Brett Kavanaugh?


Freshman Zoey Stapleton

“In my opinion, the Senate should approve Brett Kavanaugh to become the new justice. The allegations of sexual assault have been made in a desperate attempt to destroy his character, but the trials should not stand because they have been made with little to no concrete evidence.”







Sophomore Kolby Renspurger

“In regards to the alleged crimes brought against Mr. Kavanaugh, there is simply no evidence to support any claims of this man sexually assaulting anyone. It is of my opinion that Mr. Kavanaugh is highly qualified for the seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. He is loyal to the Constitution, not a political part, and if the Senate is wise, they will vote for him to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court.”





Sophomore Matt Murphy


“Judge Kavanaugh seems to be very qualified for the role of Supreme Court Justice, and, if the Senate concludes that he is innocent of the allegations against him, he should be confirmed.







Sophomore JohnMark Cayer

“From what I understand, Brett Kavanaugh is a good man who should be approved as the new justice. The allegations against him are contrary to his character and his morals and have little to no basis in reality. Should the allegations prove to be well grounded, then proper steps must be taken; however, that does not seem to be the case. Unless something new should pop up immediately, Kavanaugh should be approved with all due speed.”

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