Man on the Street: What defines Franciscan culture?

Junior Desireé Pillar

“I think that it’s forming faith-filled relationships that impact you in a great way, and that you will have for the rest of your life. It’s also learning and using our God-given gifts to their highest potential.”








Junior Jessica Leatherby

“I think it is suffering with a purpose. It’s Catholic culture, which in turn is Franciscan culture. The thing that makes Catholic culture different from the rest of the world is redemptive suffering.”







Senior Nick Praetzel

“I would say the Franciscan culture is defined by the way in which the passionately Catholic nature of the students permeates the entire school.”







Sophomore Rosemary Stefanick

“I define it as the ‘womb’. It’s more of a sheltered place, but it’s preparing you in your faith to be ‘birthed’ into the world.”








Photos by Layna Corbett