Man on the Street: What should Student Government’s role be on campus?


Sophomore Ava Montes

“Three things: networking with students to see what they want from campus, assessing those values in light of the mission and the values of the university and working alongside the faculty and staff to make those things happen.”






Sophomore Danny Zuchak


“They should be relaying the student body’s voice to higher authority on campus about different things happening on campus.”







Sophomore Kyle Taggart


“I think Student Government’s primary role, really, should be to facilitate unity among the student body … I’d like to think that Student Government could somehow facilitate a better unity and communication between us. Also, I want to see the money spent in ways that really help the student body … I don’t know all the things that they can do, but I think that facilitating unity and just responding to general requests of things that could make everyday life on campus better.”



Junior Kitty Alario


“I feel like they should be a good medium between the administration and the student body. They should advocate for the needs of the students and then communicate the reasoning behind the admin’s decisions that the majority of students may disagree with.”

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