Medical journal seeks legalization of prostitution, human trafficking


A prestigious medical journal is now encouraging people to legalize, enable and embrace the dangers of prostitution and other risky sexual behaviors.

Life Site News reports that The Lancet has “called for the worldwide decriminalization of ‘sex work’ to address the prevalence of HIV among prostitutes. Its ‘action agenda’ calls for greater access to products and services including ‘condoms and lubricants, safe abortions…[and] contraception services’ for sex workers.”

A big shift is occurring in how people view sexually transmitted diseases and the ethical aspect of prostitution. The articles in The Lancet seek to criminalize people who would say those involved in the sex trade need help or those exploiting them need to be stopped.

“Sex work is part of the human story,” said co-author Richard Horton, the editor of The Lancet. Horton advocates “accepting and embracing sex work.”

This new endorsement for prostitution from The Lancet goes completely against what the Catholic Church has said on this issue.

Pope Francis said that human trafficking is “a despicable activity, a disgrace for our societies, which describe themselves as civilized.”

Legalizing this practice will only make it more widespread and endanger more victims.

“In the Netherlands, since legalization, there has been an increase in the use of children in prostitution,” said women’s studies professor Donna M. Hughes. Consistent with Dutch nonprofit organizations, human trafficking continues to be an ongoing problem, according to Life Site News.

The saddest part about this reality is that the vast majority of people caught in the sex trade do not want to be there.

“Most of us don’t take to the flesh trade out of choice but are sold by criminal mafias to brothels,” one woman in India told Inter Press Service. “The move to regulate our business will only end up giving immunity to the pimps and brothels to buy or sell poor women like us while increasing trafficking of young women and children.”