Men and women’s household fair exhibits every household under the sun


Photo by Lily Fitzgibbons

Students roamed outside the Finnegan Fieldhouse at the household fair on Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to find out if they felt called to a specific household or to simply visit friends who were working the tables.

For the first time, the fair was held outside rather than inside the J.C. Williams Center, and students enjoyed the outdoor environment as well as the pop songs playing in the background. “I actually really like it,” said junior Paul Nick, member of Corpus Christi household, commenting on the novelty of the event. “You can blare music like this outside.”

Kendal Huntsman, sophomore and member of Magnifica Amorem Christi, liked “being outside with the music and just watching people walk by.” People did walk by, and many of them even stopped and were drawn in to the fair thanks to its palpable buzz of excitement and its prominent location at the intersection of the J.C. and the Fieldhouse.

Both the men and the women’s fairs were combined this year instead of being held on separate days, another switch from the previous household fairs. “I like the idea of bringing both together,” said senior and member of Daughters of Divine Mercy Christina Eusebio, as ladies signed up for flower-picking with her household.

From the men on the left to the women on the right, household members eagerly awaited curious passersby at their decorated tables and handed out flyers containing their covenants, commitments and other information to anyone interested.

The household fair provided households with an opportunity to show what their communities are all about, and it gave students a chance to peruse each household and decide which ones could possibly become their future homes on campus.

Freshman Sneha Kurian said that she may join a household because they seem like “a beautiful experience for having brothers and sisters in Christ who will hold you accountable in the faith.”

Household life officially commences with household life Mass on Sept. 7.