More than $2,000 allocated for Midnight Madness


Franciscan University Student Government allocated more than $2,000 for its Midnight Madness event during the formal meeting on Wednesday, one of two bills it passed.

Fall Bill 40 originally called for $2,098 to be allocated to Student Government for the event, to be held on Saturday. According to the bill, the money would be used to purchase pizza, t-shirts and decorations for Midnight Madness, the annual event that kicks off the basketball season for Franciscan University’s NCAA basketball teams.

After the bill was introduced, President Gabe Gessler asked the Senate to add another $300-$400 as a buffer because the pizza could potentially be more expensive than expected, he said. He added that any leftover funds would go directly back to the contingency fund.

Sen. Athanasius Sirilla moved to add $300 to the bill, bringing the allocation to a total of $2,398. The bill passed without objection.

Fall Bill 41 allocated $300 to the Franciscan University Pep Band, led by sophomore J.P. Soulliere, for the purchase of 26 polo shirts. Soulliere said the polo shirts would serve as the ensemble’s uniform.

Majority Leader Joseph Starcher asked Soulliere if the band members would keep the shirts or if the shirts would stay in house to cut down on costs.

After mulling it over, Soulliere responded that the shirts would stay in house.

Sirilla spoke in favor of the bill, saying that while he was initially skeptical of the pep band when it started last year, it has proven itself viable and passing the bill would “be a good way for the pep band to represent the university with this apparel.”

The bill passed unanimously.

Later during the meeting, Gessler introduced his first executive order of the year to consecrate Student Government and its work to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Treasurer Kelsey Scott-Avery said the current total of the contingency fund was $28,674.33.

Student Government will next meet Oct. 24 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.