Movie Review: ‘The Batman’

Sarah Wandor
Movie Critic Columnist

“The Batman” (2022) had piqued my interest since I first heard about it, yet I was unsure as to the choice of the actor for Batman, Robert Pattinson.

I feared he would be a sparkly Batman, but my fears were misplaced, as he did an amazing job at giving us the early years of the DC superhero. He shows that the superhero hasn’t grown to be more than his desire for vengeance and hasn’t yet mastered all of his skills.

Pattinson delivered this well in his attitude and his portrayal of Batman, showing the determination to stop criminals and the calm demeanor the superhero is known for. Yet it was different from other portrayals. He took the character and made it his own with his own interpretation and feel.

The feel and color of the film was also darker, which more suited the character of Batman. The film committed to a darker movie and embraced it. The creators didn’t shy away from gruesome or more sinister moments, but they did not overuse them either.

They managed to find a balance of having bleak scenes and not going too far with gory scenes. It’s a balance rarely seen in films today and was well accomplished in this film.

The thriller aspect also did many favors for the movie. Having the Riddler as the villain helped this as well. The mystery and intrigue of his riddles, crimes and identity assisted in maintaining the level of suspense throughout the film.

There were incredible amounts of tension in the air that you could slice with a butter knife. The riddles created the mystery and the crimes created the tension. Mixing them together carried the film through its runtime, which may be long, but felt shorter with the amount of suspense created.

However, the portrayal of Catwoman felt off. Her character not only strayed far from how she is in the comics, but she seemed lackluster and was “just there” more than anything else. Anyone who knows the character of Catwoman can tell you she is not as serious as she was in the film.

She is a playful and colorful personality, both of which she lacked in this movie. Her relationship with Batman also felt forced. They didn’t know each other for long, and there was no chemistry between them that suggested interest on either side. They have a relationship in the comics, but, in the film, it wasn’t built up enough to work.

It was just there, and didn’t fit within the film. If more time had been given to it or if their dialogue had been different, then it might have worked. But ultimately, it should have been left out for this film to add in later.

That being said, however, this film has been one of few superhero films I have enjoyed in recent years. It was suspenseful and intriguing. It kept its energy levels high and wasn’t afraid to be dark.

“The Batman” is a film I highly recommend that people see. I surprised myself by hoping for a sequel as I walked out of the theater. I hope to see more from this franchise and more films like this in the future.