NATIONAL NEWS: Iowa caucuses held for election, Father prevents mass shooting in Michigan, Plane collision in Los Angeles results in 3 missing persons


Iowa caucuses held for presidential election

The Iowa caucuses were held Feb. 1 to select delegates for the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2016 presidential election. The winner of the Republican caucus was Ted Cruz, receiving eight delegates with 28 percent of the votes, reported the New York Times. The two runners-up, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, both received seven delegates after attaining 24 percent and 23 percent of the votes respectively. The Democratic race was initially too close to call on the day of the caucus; however, Hillary Clinton was declared the winner the next day with 49.86 percent of the vote and 23 delegates. Bernie Sanders had 49.57 percent of the vote, receiving 21 delegates.

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Father allegedly prevents mass shooting in Michigan

A Michigan man allegedly threatened to perform a mass shooting at a church to show his support for the terrorist group ISIS, reported Fox News. Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, spoke to an undercover FBI agent about his support for ISIS and his desire to destroy one of the biggest churches in Detroit. Abu-Rayyan said his father searched his car on the day he planned to initiate the attack and found the gun, bullets and a mask.

“…it would make the news. I regret not doing it,” he said. “If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.”

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Plane collision in Los Angeles results in three people missing

A collision between two small planes occurred near the port of Los Angeles on Feb. 5, according to Fox News. One plane was being flown by a 72-year-old woman and the other plane was believed to be flown by two men, ages 61 and 81. The area in which the two planes were flying was a popular practice area where a few planes are typically in the air at the same time. An extensive search investigation is taking place to look for survivors and for a cause for the collision. The midair collision was not the first in the area.

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