NATIONAL NEWS: Iowa Caucuses, Hillary Clinton, Social Media Ban on Gun Sales


Republican presidential candidates square off in last debate before Iowa caucuses

Fox News and Google held a GOP debate Jan. 27 in Iowa. Missing from the debate was frontrunner Donald Trump, who boycotted the debate due to issues with Fox News and moderator Megyn Kelly. Trump instead held a veterans’ event nearby in De Moines. Trump’s absence gave other candidates time to discuss important issues. The most conflict was brought by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who debated important issues, such as how to deal with the growing threat of ISIS, immigration and amnesty, the military and border security. The debate marked the last time the candidates faced off until the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1.

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Hillary Clinton’s emails gain top secret status

The State department announced Friday that the contents of 22 of Hillary Clinton’s emails are now top secret because they contain “sensitive information,” CNN reports. Altogether, the emails totaled 37 pages and were not classified at the time they were sent. The emails only gained classified status with Friday’s announcement. In addition, 18 emails sent between Clinton and President Obama are being withheld to “protect the President’s ability to receive unvarnished advice and counsel,” said State department spokesman John Kirby.

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Social media sites ban gun sales

Three weeks after President Obama unveiled new restrictions regarding the sale of guns, some social media sites are banning private gun sales. The BBC reports that two popular social media sites, Facebook and Instagram, are banning the sale of guns between members. Obama’s new restrictions include background checks on all those selling guns and also require states to report the list of people who are barred from banning guns due to domestic abuse or mental illness. Businesses are still permitted to advertise their guns on both sites.

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