NATIONAL NEWS: Northern Arizona University shooting, Halloween Decor prompts police visit, Hurricane Joaquin causes flooding in South Carolina


Northern Arizona University shooting kills one and injures three

Steven Jones, a freshman, accused of shooting four students at Northern Arizona University around 1:20 a.m. Oct. 9 has been arrested. According to CNN, he has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and three counts of felony aggravated assault. The prosecution stated Jones was involved in a fight and ran to his car to grab a handgun. Victims were all members of the Delta Chi fraternity.

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Halloween decoration at home in Detroit prompts police visits

Larethia Haddon said police showed up to her house the first day she placed a dummy face down in her yard. After that, police came two more times after receiving repeated calls about the dummy, stated a Fox News article. Haddon explained that she puts the dummy in a different location in her yard every morning to watch the reactions from people passing by.

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Historic flooding in South Carolina from Hurricane Joaquin

A week after the heavy rains first began, some residents of South Carolina are still evacuating or stacking sandbags for possibly more rain. According to ABC, some areas had 24-27 inches of rainfall as of Oct. 10. Officials are concerned about flooding from already peaked rivers in the eastern part of the state. Parts of nearly 260 roads and around 125 bridges were washed out by the storm. The floods came right as the state was experiencing a severe drought.

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