National news: officers shot in Ferguson, Secret Service, Hillary Clinton underfire


Two officers shot in Ferguson protest

Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri, causing tensions to rise even further between the police force and citizens. The shooting took place shortly after midnight on Thursday, March 12, during a protest just hours after the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. A citywide manhunt was conducted but yielded no results, according to Fox News. One officer was shot in the face and the other in the shoulder. Both were taken to the hospital and released late Thursday morning.

The White House released a statement via Twitter saying, “Violence against police is unacceptable. Our prayers are with the officers in MO. Path to justice is one all of us must travel together.”

Package being investigated outside of White House nearly run over by Secret Service agents

A “suspicious package” that had been dropped outside the White House was nearly run over by two high-ranking Secret Service agents. Police were investigating the package, which turned out to be a book wrapped in a shirt, around 10 p.m. on March 4 when it was almost run over. A Fox News article identified the agents as Mark Connolly, the second-in-command on President Obama’s detail, and George Ogilvie, a senior supervisor in the Washington field office. The agents were returning from a colleague’s retirement party and were suspected to have been drinking. This is the most recent incident in a long line of embarrassing occurrences for which the Secret Service has received scrutiny.

Hillary Clinton under fire for using personal email account while at State Department

Hillary Clinton is being criticized for potentially putting national security at risk by using her personal email account instead of her government-issued email account to conduct business matters during her time at the State Department. After much backlash, Clinton held a press conference to explain her actions as being for convenience. A New York Times article reports that Clinton is coming under fire again for apparently lying when she said that all of her emails would have been retained by the State Department. The State Department released a statement saying that until February 2015 they had no way of preserving senior official’s emails.