National news: superbug, Obamacare, police shooting


New ‘superbug’ a cause for concern

After seven patients have been reported sick and two have been reported dead, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) is warning of a “superbug” that originated at the University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA) Ronald Reagan Medical Center. A Washington Post article stated that medical professionals believe that contaminated medical scopes could be the cause since they are difficult to clean and “may facilitate the spread of deadly bacteria.” At least 179 people, who had endoscopic procedures between October and January, are being monitored for the bacteria known as CRE or Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae.


Obamacare customers given wrong tax information after enrollment

The Obama administration is asking some 800,000 customers to hold off on filing their 2014 taxes after they were given the wrong tax information after signing up for the health care plan. On Feb. 20, the federal health department made a statement in a blog post saying that these customers had received false premium information, a Fox News article indicated. The administration itself has yet to make a statement, but the federal health department has said that the error “needs to be corrected” and new forms will be available by March. This creates a problem for anyone who was wishing to file their taxes early this year and for the 500,000 people that had already filed and will need to resubmit.


Police officer shot, investigation underway for targeted attack

A Minnesota police officer was shot in the early hours of Saturday morning, reportedly only for the fact that he was a member of the police force. According to Fox News, the officer and his partner had responded to a burglary call and were standing by their squad car at the time he was shot. The officer was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. A police spokesperson said that someone had been arrested for the attack but gave no further information.

“There is little doubt that an officer was the intended target of this shooting and that this officer just happened to be the one who was there,” police Chief Janee Harteau said in a statement. “This is a reminder to all that every one of our officers face such danger simply because they choose to wear a uniform.”