National speaker condemns modern feminism, calls for more passion and preparedness in pro-life movement


Photo by: Sabrina Ariss

Candid and outspoken, National Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins unabashedly addressed feminism, abortion and pro-life practicalities in the Gentile Gallery on March 25.

Despite the low attendance, Hawkins presented her talk “Lies Feminists Tell” with passion that rallied those present. She presented facts about feminism and abortion and discussed what must come next in the pro-life movement.

“What the heck happened to feminism?” Hawkins asked. “When did the fight for equality become this extremist agenda that advocates for violence upon those smaller and weaker than ourselves?”

Hawkins enumerated the three core principles that have always been a part of feminism: the discipline of non-violence, the demand for equality and the understanding that one human should never treat another human being as property. “Yet, those principles define the act of abortion,” she said.

According to Hawkins, feminism has radically transformed since the first-wave feminists, most of whom were against abortion. Feminism is no longer about equality, and abortion is no longer a debate over whether abortion kills. She said, “the argument today is whether or not we need abortion in order to be free.”

Hawkins explained that feminism tries to conform women to a world defined by men, and abortion is the “special surgery” that accomplishes the task.

Despite the depressing picture Hawkins painted, she is confident that Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned. “That’s why (pro-abortionists are) acting so crazy right now. That’s why you have the New York state law … because they’re going to shore up abortion rights in their states because they’re afraid that Roe is going to fall.”

However, Hawkins reminded the audience that the movement is not just about ending Roe. “What’s Franciscan doing? … We haven’t had to figure this out,” she said.

Hawkins emphasized the need for pregnant-on-campus organizations, and she said that Christian schools and their students are not exempt. “It’s our jobs in the pro-life movement to advocate for support for women and families,” Hawkins said.

She explained that when a woman goes to have an abortion, “She’s not there because she feels like she’s exercising some awesome right. It’s not a choice for her. She’ll say, ‘I have no other choices.’”

Attendees were inspired by Hawkins’ knowledgeable and passionate talk. Sophomore Morgan Bisienere said, “The talk was very informative. I loved the part where she talked about how the feminist movement has moved to abortions, which was not what it was originally started for.”

Kyle Taggart, president of Students for Life, was excited to have such a prominent speaker on campus, but he was disappointed with the attendance. “We were privileged to have a pro-life activist who has attended a closed-door meeting with President Trump,” he said. “But it was heartbreaking to see such a low turnout. We can get 250 people for a debate on marijuana, but not even 50 for a discussion of the mass murder of infants in our country? That’s a shame, and I think we need to rethink our priorities as Franciscan students.”

This talk was hosted by Students for Life. On April 3, Kim Mack, a 2018 Congressional candidate from Pennsylvania, will be speaking on the impact of abortion in the African American community at 7 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery.

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