New art lab offers students place to focus, create


Thanks to the initiative of one Franciscan University professor, there is a new work place for all students interested in the field of art and its composition in the recently available art lab in Assisi Heights.

Linus D. Meldrum, a professor of art courses at Franciscan University, noticed a vacancy in a building in Assisi Heights and took advantage of what he saw to be a great opportunity. Due to the relocation of the archeology lab and the removal of some unnecessary dividers, the upstairs of building 1402 in Assisi Heights is now an available working space for students interested in art projects.

“Students will have the opportunity to create a work area for themselves that need not be broken down and removed as is the case in Egan 120, the art room,” Meldrum said. “There are work stations, easels, shelves, lockable storage and some general supplies. Students can claim a space for an hour, a day or an extended period for bigger projects.”

This new resource is timely due to the recent concept of more art opportunities academically on campus.

“There is no art major, although we are proposing a visual art minor, which many students have hoped for,” Meldrum continued. “Making art is very much like prayer – it requires spending ‘time away’ from the material world to engage a subject in a deeper way.  Focused art-making is also good ‘practice’ for a focused prayer life.”

This new improvement provides students with more opportunity, to be sure, but it would be best if students made an effort to make use of the building as its days may be numbered.

“I hope many students will take advantage of the new space as we contemplate the future,” Meldrum said. “The building is slated for eventual removal as plans for new campus construction are underway.”

Students are encouraged to make use of the resource while it is up and running. To schedule use of the building, students must contact Meldrum at [email protected].

“By the way,” Meldrum said, “this space is not just for students who are enrolled in studio art courses. Any student who needs a space to do artwork may also access the space.”

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