New club recognized, funds allocated at FUSG meeting


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) met Oct. 19 to discuss an allocation of funds and a petition to formally recognize the Voices of Martyrs club.

To begin the meeting, treasurer Danny Butters announced that the contingency fund contains $37,798.91.

Fall Bill #24 was introduced when the meeting moved to formal business. It sought to allocate $706.68 to the IDEAS club for their trip to the 2016 Business Boutique Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The money to be allocated was broken down to allow $346.68 for a twelve-passenger van and $360 to cover half the cost of renting a house for three nights. Representing the club was Paige Heinen, club president.

When the floor opened for discussion, Sen. Samantha Martinez explained that the club had decided to go the route of the van to offset the cost of gas and also included that each member going to the conference would be spending approximately $120 out of pocket for meals and other costs.

Heinen remarked that because the funding was lowered from an original $1,066.68, it would now be harder for the club to attend because of the increased personal cost. Sen. Stephen Shaw then remarked that the club should make an effort to do more fundraising in the future, but that funding be restored to the full amount and cover the full cost of lodging so that the club could attend. The bill was then put to a vote and passed.

There was a motion to insert Fall Bill #25 into the agenda, which was approved unanimously. This bill sought that the Voice of the Martyrs club be recognized as an official Student Government Club. The purpose of the club is to increase awareness of the current persecution of Christians in the world through various efforts, and its petition for recognition was passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:21. FUSG will next meet Oct. 26.

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