New Faculty Profile: Logan Gage

Dr. Logan Gage
Dr. Logan Gage
Dr. Logan Gage is a professor of philosophy at Franciscan University.


Professor Logan Gage is a new faculty member of the philosophy department who is delighted to be a part of Franciscan University because of its staunch values and moral standards.

Having converted from an Evangelical belief system, Gage said that Franciscan would have been his first choice in the country while in graduate school and that it is a blessing to be a part of this university.

“My wife and I are so glad to be here,” Gage said. “We love the people. What a blessing it is to have friends and colleagues who share our values, want to educate our children in similar ways, and who unashamedly stand for the truth in a culture that seems to have lost its way and isn’t sure what to believe.”

In addition to just beginning his time here at Franciscan this semester, Gage has also just finished his Ph. D. in philosophy at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

“We feel like we jumped right from one great Catholic community at Baylor into another here at Steubenville,” Gage continued.

As the parents of two boys, Wells and John ages four and two respectively, with a third boy on the way, Gage and his wife Elizabeth appreciate the students at Franciscan University very much.

“We love the piety of the students and the seriousness with which they take spiritual matters,” Gage went on. “I appreciate how many of my students are excited by philosophical ideas. They often want to discuss these ideas after class and share how these ideas are affecting their lives.”

In addition to the students in his classes, Gage appreciates his colleagues here at Franciscan.

“My colleagues are fantastic,” Gage said. “They represent a variety of philosophical interests and approaches that I think really benefits the students. On top of it, they are fantastic human beings and people of deep faith.”

Ultimately, the experience here so far for Gage is one of extreme satisfaction. Whether it be the environment of Steubenville, or the people who are here, one could call it a perfect fit for him and his family. The joy he has is evident in the way he carries himself in everyday life.

“What more could I want?” Gage asked. “We are just so grateful to be at Steubenville.”

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