New Household brings greater awareness of devotion to the angels


“We are created to get to heaven, and God created the angels to be our friends and to help us on our way there,” said Rachel Rander, coordinator of the new women’s household Angelic Love.

Angelic Love, a household devoted to the nine choirs of angels, is a brand new women’s household on campus, which will officially begin holding commitments this semester, though the inspiration for its creation dates back to the end of last spring.

Angelic Love’s logo provided by Rachel Rander.

Rander said while praying a Saint Michael’s Chaplet, she felt God’s call to spread devotion to the chaplet.

“I wasn’t really sure at the time what he wanted from me in that,” said Rander.

Through much prayer, the household began to form and change from scattered ideas into a reality. Rander said she wants the household to have devotions to the angels with the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael as patrons.

“Devotion to the nine choirs of angels is the center of our household life,” said Rander.

Rander said educating people about the angels is crucial as Catholics.

“We’ve really lost a lot of that… but it goes so much deeper,” said Rander.

Rander said while the saints in heaven can intercede for people on Earth, angels are a part of our daily lives, whether or not we are aware of them.

“Just because they’re invisible doesn’t mean they’re any less of a person, in the sense of having an intellect,” said Rander. “I can relate to the angels even more so than I can relate sometimes to human saints because the angels are there with me all the time in everything I’m doing, in a more intimate way.”

Rander said Angelic Love Household goes even further than simply a devotion to angels. Their desire is to live the virtues of the angels, who were created to love God and to love people.

According to Rander, the angels are a perfect model for the household’s faith and community, because they have a perfect faith life and said yes to God with zeal and conviction. Rander said the sisters are called ‘seraphs,’ because of their love for God, the people around them, and for their love for each other.

“We’re devoted to loving like the angels and taking that model of faith not just in our commitments,” said Rander. “We want to have a really good community outside of that, really living a sisterhood and not just a prayer group that meets like three times a week.”

Their commitments include the Saint Michael’s Chaplet on Wednesdays, spiritual readings and reflections on Thursdays, and Lord’s Day on Saturdays, all of which take place in their “borrowed” common room in Marian 152, along with 4:45 p.m. Mass on Mondays in Christ the King Chapel.

Rander said she and the other founders are looking forward in excited anticipation of all the joy this household will bring.

“I’m most excited to share the devotion with others and to meet my future sisters,” said Rander.

“I’m praying for them every day!”

Angelic Love will be inaugurated this semester as an official household at Franciscan University.

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