New Irish pub opens soon, lives out charism of hospitality


Photo by: Patrick Berry

What kind of restaurant franchise has the confidence to say that it will redefine “casual dining” as we know it? Bennigan’s, of course.

Now the latest restaurant and tavern at Franciscan Square, Bennigan’s dining sits prominently on the Square. It welcomes in excited Franciscan University of Steubenville students for “chef-driven food, innovative drinks and warm, friendly Irish hospitality,” as stated on its official webpage.

Bennigan’s was first established in 1976. Well received by most, this restaurant has and will become a place where new friendships will blossom and old friendships will take root. It will become a space for fellowship and enjoyment where good food and friendly staff members will keep people coming back for more.

This Irish pub has found its way into the limelight of various news broadcasts such as FOX, WKYT and NBC, to name a few. It has also been reviewed numerous times by, which makes it a promising investment at the Franciscan Square plaza.

When asked about future expectations for this local restaurant, Franco Carapellotti, representative of Fraspada Managements Inc., said, “Bennigan’s focuses on providing warm and friendly Irish hospitality. With its proximity to campus, we will put a special focus on catering to the university community. Bennigan’s will be a unique dining experience not only for the university but for the (Steubenville) area as a whole.”

Benningan’s is known for its “legendary dining experience,” which places great “emphasis on hospitality, which is one of the seven charisms of the university,” said Carapellotti.

As students await the opening of Bennigan’s, they anticipate the various opportunities it will provide. Raymond Valiente, a senior theology major at Franciscan, said, “It is good to have venues outside campus grounds where we can meet up and socialize. Having them right next door to campus is a bonus, especially if there is happy hour.” He continued to say that Bennigan’s would be a great place to go, especially after midterm or final exams.

Apart from being a new target for future social groups, Bennigan’s will also provide more student jobs. As Carapellotti said, “We have already hired students to our staff and are still hiring if anyone is interested in applying.”

Hiring staff is one of many steps that need to be taken before the opening of any new branch for a company or organization, so Carapellotti did not fail to mention, “We’re very excited to get Bennigan’s open, and we’re grateful for everyone’s patience with us as there are a lot of moving parts to get something like this open.”

For students with a modest budget, Carapellotti has great news: “We are working with the university to add Bennigan’s to the student meal plans in some way,” he said.

The grand opening of the Steubenville Bennigan’s is set to be during the week of Nov. 12, 2018. To learn more about Fraspada Management Inc. and its various services visit

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