New president, vice president pledge to serve student body

Staff Writer

With a recently elected President and Vice President, Franciscan University’s Student Government has a different look this semester that has promise to be very involved with the student body.

Both President Brian Kirby and Vice President Isaac Foldi are excited and ready to implement their services to better the campus by seeking a greater connection with the student body.

This administration was elected because of their previous experience and a platform based on feedback from the students. Vice President Foldi clearly stated that this should be the goal for any student government: to know and serve the student body.

“It is our goal to understand the student body intimately,” Foldi said. “As a part of student government, we have the opportunity to be effective in a more specific way.”

This specificity lies in how deeply student government can know the everyday lives of students in order to act more meaningfully. The determination surrounding the current administrations’ bearing complements such a goal very well. President Kirby mentioned this desire is what should drive student government.

“Our overarching goal this year is to bring student government to the students,” Kirby said. “Some don’t even what or who we are. We have to combat the lack of understanding and let them know that we are here for them.”

It is evident that student interaction with student government seems to be absolutely necessary in the game-plan of this administration. After being elected by the student body, it is both Kirby’s and Foldi’s hope that the students of Franciscan will be a part of benefitting the university through their participation.

“We were elected by the student body for the sole purpose of serving,” Kirby added. “Our goal is to truly represent them. That’s why we are a student government.”

It is through this attitude that so many recent accomplishments of student government came to fruition.

“It was student government who instigated the addition of Wi-Fi in the dorms, open house hours, cafeteria additions, etc.” Kirby went on. “Our job this semester is to continue to build on the success of those who came before us, but we can’t do that without the help of the students.”

Vice President Foldi also agreed that because of recent victories within student government, the goal of the current administration is to “build on a firm foundation.”

Over all of this, it is evident that student government is in all things dedicated to the mission statement of the university.

“Our work is directly tied in with the mission statement of Franciscan,” Kirby said. “All of the Catholic values that are lived out here are incorporated into our daily routines.”

Through this outlook and a burning desire to become a true representation of the student body, both Kirby and Foldi, along with the entirety of student government, begin this semester with a statement to you, the students of Franciscan University, to become a part of the future of your school.

“Come see us,” Foldi exclaimed. “Stop us on the sidewalk. Approach us. We want to interact with you and we are willing to listen.”